Hibernian Farm started as a small urban family farm where we raised our children, Newfoundland dogs, dairy goats and chickens. We have since relocated to the Ludington/Pentwater area, where we are doing the same thing, just on 40 acres. We started our Newfoundland breeding program on Hibernian Farm in 2012. Having grown up with Belgian Draft horses and big dogs, I have always loved and cared for animals. We have had many different breeds of dogs, but we chose Newfoundlands to breed, because we wanted a working class dog that was also an excellent family dog. We had known and admired Newfoundlands for many years and we believe they were the perfect combination.


Our Practices and Policies

We keep our pups for a minimum of 12 weeks, as recommended by the Humane Society of America as well as our own vet and many other reputable canine organization and professionals. This is essential to their emotional, psychological and social development. For those who choose to vaccinate, we recommend a delay of vaccines, administer only the core vaccines as recommended by Dr. Ronald Schultz DVM, leading Veterinary Immunologist. Research shows avoiding over- vaccination is essential in avoiding allergies, digestive issues and autoimmune disorders. We require spay/neuter be delayed for a minimum of 24 months.Research also shows that in particular, delay of spay/neuter significantly reduces the incidence of hip, joint and skeletal issues, as well as extends life span. We utilize a raw diet for both adult and weaning pups. A raw, varied diet fills any nutritional gaps found when feeding kibble as well as the health issues associated with additives and preservatives.