Our Dogs
Ophelia Sorley is our solid black, Alpha female, a natural, calm leader. She is a sweet, loving caretaker and a phenomenal mother. She is solid black and her and Maximus produce solid black pups.
Nya Harp is our grey female. She is incredibly instinctual, cautious and an exceptional mother. She and Maximus produce solid black and black with white marking pups, known as "Irish Newfs". When paired with Danny, she also produces grey pups.
Stella Morgan is a sweet, solid black female, lovingly known as "Little Sister". She is playful and needy. She is smaller than our other girls and rather enjoys a carefree life.
Maximus Jameson is our current Sire. He is a handsome chestnut brown with light brown eyes. He is strong and agile, sweet, extremely gentle. He is a well loved companion.
Sullivan Bernard (Nya x Maximus) is a solid black, long, tall male. He is sweet and gentle like his dad. His primary purpose is being a companion and therapy dog to our youngest daughter. He was born 9/2015.
Danny Boy (Ophelia x Maximus) is a calm, laid back, gentle boy, very large boy. His nickname is "Bombas" which is Latin for bumble-bee. He was born 3/2016.